Congress statement

SSU calls for a green kickstart of the recovery

The 41st national congress of The Swedish Social Democratic Youth League, SSU, is now completed. Delegates from all over Sweden have gathered to decide on the political priorities for the next mandate, organizational aims and a new leadership and board for the organization.

Our vision is clear. The pandemic has shown the flaws in Swedens welfare system as well as international cooperation and an unfair global economic system/inequality. It can be seen in the way that vaccines have been distributed between countries and global regions, the impact of the virus in various socioeconomic groups within nations and an economic crisis that has left youth all over the world in unemployment and loss of hope for the future. We have seen authoritarian regimes take advantage of the pandemic to strengthen their oppression.

As social democrats we see these flaws, but we are also well aware that the inequality and unjust anti-democratic tendencies were there even before the pandemic.

Now it is time for the world to choose, our vision is clear. We can decide in what way the recovery and restart of the economy should be. We urge the world leaders and the international community to condemn authoritarian regimes, to support trade unions and civil society organizations fighting for peace, democracy and social security. We demand that we invest in green industries and infrastructure, so that the new economy consists of green jobs.

At our congress SSU:s strong international solidarity has been shown. We know that climate change, criminality, inequality and extremist views does not stop at any national borders. We know that no one is free until everyone is free.

We raise our voices with youth in Palestine and Israel that demands peace. We demand an end to the illegal occupation of Palestine, and an end to the violence.

We demand freedom for all people as stated in international law, shown at this congress by the strong solidarity with people in Nagorno Karabach.

The youth in Myanmar are in our thoughts and we are in solidarity with our dear comrades fighting for democracy.

These are just examples of SSU:s huge international engagement. We will continue to support our sister organizations all over the world. Our comrades in FNSU, YES and IUSY can always count on SSU. We will not be silent. Another world is possible, if we strengthen our movement and bring hope for the young generation change will take place.


Stockholm 02/08/2021