For a Green and Equal Future

SSU, Social Democratic Youth League of Sweden.

We are young social democrats fighting for freedom, equality and solidarity.

SSU was founded in 1917 and has since been Sweden’s most important youth association. We are the Social Democrats’ and LO’s youth league, but we are our own independent organization.

Our goal is the liberation of man. Our vision is a world where all people are given the opportunity to realize their innermost dreams. Every human being should have the right to control his or her own life and, together with others, shape the future.

We shape the policy for the future by gathering young people who share our values. We educate ourselves on political issues that are important to young people and our members. We influence by building opinion for our proposals and ideas among the public and the Social Democrats.

What we do


It is only when we are many in SSU that we make good decisions and can influence the society around us. Therefore, a central part of SSU’s activities is to be where young people are and offer membership so that we can gather for our movement.


SSU organizes many trainings, lectures and workshops for beginners and experienced members. The purpose is to gain knowledge about society and how we can influence together. That is the key to creating societal change and being able to argue for our policy.


SSU is a democratic organization and we are committed to believing in politics as a tool for societal change. We influence by gathering to decide what SSU should think and then seek support from the Social Democrats and society at large for our ideas.

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